The Role Of Peer To Peer Programs For Audio File Sharing

Nowadays, audio players of the portable kind have become popular and with that there is a rise in demand for audio file downloads. Usually new artists provide their creations to be available for free download but for established artists there is the need to generate revenue or income when their creations are downloaded by users.

What are peer to peer programs?

The music of well known artists or licensed music for video is usually found in peer to peer programs where such music can be downloaded for free. These network sharing programs make popular music available for free in many instances, but there are certain hidden conditions as well. Such programs interconnect and create a network where there are hundreds and thousands of participating servers and databases. There are softwares put in place that help users of such networks to search across several computers for songs as per their choice. Those who search for certain files will send out search algorithms across several connected computers. When there are more users who can supply a song, download speed is faster. This kind of method allows participants to download from collections of others.

Control of illegal free downloads

While peer to peer programs have become popular of late, these results in files being shared for free several times even if it has been acquired legally for a fee once. This deprives artists of finding the right remuneration for their music. Labels and artists have thus put down peer to peer file sharing many times, equating it to steal. While personal use of such music for hearing would not be a crime, however, if you are looking for video background music, then you need to ensure that you have downloaded such audio files from a legal source.

Legal protection online

By 1997 the No Electronic Theft Act was passed and it makes illegal downloads criminal offenses. Today there are several P2P programs that still offer free music sharing possibilities, but they often include disturbing ad campaigns that users need to tolerate in order to download their favorite music for free. It is necessary that users become conscientious of the fact that artists are not getting paid for their creation’s download which is their legal right. Many countries have imposed ban on such free download sites that prevent these websites from opening up in IPs registered in a certain region or country. However, many surfers still find ways to locate their favorite files for download for free. While this might be okay for personal use, commercial usage of such downloaded files can be questionable.